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Improving Merrimon

Concerned Citizens for a More Thoughtful Approach to Merrimon Avenue
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We’re excited that our city continues to grow and evolve and has more people coming to enjoy its many wonders.  But with growth comes challenges and pressures, and we believe the key to solving them properly is to have a clear vision developed with the many stakeholders.  With the recent presentation of narrowing Merrimon from 4 lanes to 3, we’re concerned that once again, the City is charging forward without the input from the people and businesses who will have to live daily with whatever changes are made.

Some of the reasons we’re looking for more discussion on this:

  • The NCDOT originally proposed an expansion to 5 lanes, and is now considering the 4 to 3 conversion.  Why?
  • City staff and NCDOT invited only the Multimodal Commission to the table to discuss the conversion plan without any business leaders, neighborhood associations, etc.
  • The pressure for growth in Asheville is real, and developments such as the two on the corner at Chestnut and Charlotte (almost 400 units, 50,000 sf of retail) and Woodfin St (500,000 sf) show the size on which the Council is willing to sign off.  Has the amount of vacant/undeveloped space on Merrimon soon to begin converting to residential/multi-use space been considered at all?  How do a possible 1000+ units affect traffic, safety, mobility, connectivity on the corridor?
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The dramatic change of implementing a “road diet” on a major thoroughfare demands extensive input from citizens, businesses and the NCDOT. The undersigned ask the NCDOT and Asheville public officials to hold open microphone public meetings to address the changes and ramifications and allow for questions before any changes are implemented. Residents and business owners should have at least as much input as any other party.

In addition to signing the petition, please take a moment to fill out the NCDOT survey by clicking here
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